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Elijah Mondy Jr.

Elijah Mondy Jr. is the current owner of KJIW-FM in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas and the co-owner of WJIW-FM in Greenville, Mississippi, and KCAT-AM in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Born in Helena, Arkansas, he has over 40 years of broadcast experience. He and his wife Belinda currently have nine children; April, Zipporah, Elijah III, Elisha, Joshua, Leah, Zephaniah, Zechariah, and Lydia.

Early in life, Elijah’s family moved to Chicago, Illinois. He attended Chicago Vocational High School. While a student at CVS, he won the 1965 Chicago City Individual Wrestling Championship. Elijah also graduated in 1965. He attended two years of college at Wilson Jr. College and also attended the Career Academy School of Famous Radio Broadcasters where he graduated with honors in 1968. In May of 1987 he was elected to the Chicago Vocational High School Hall of Fame. He worked as a production assistant for the “Our People” television program aired by Chicago’s WTTW-TV in 1968. In the summer of 1969, he was employed by the National Broadcasting Company’s (NBC) WMAQ television and radio as as a program traffic coordinator. In 1978 he was transferred to the engineering department. Elijah served NBC as an engineer primarily working for the news and occasionally sports until 1998 when he resigned so that he could spend more time developing his radio station.

Although Elijah was raised up in the church he did not know the Lord. He had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ Easter weekend of 1974 while at work at NBC. During that encounter he surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ and his whole life changed.

In November of 1988 he purchased KJIW-AM 1600 in Helena, Arkansas along with a construction permit to build an FM station in Helena, Arkansas. In March of 1990, KJIW-FM 94.5 went on the air. In May of 1994, Elijah sold KJIW-AM 1600. In May of 1997, KJIW-FM went from a 6,000 watt Class A station to a Class C3 station operating at 14,000 watts. A new tower had to be constructed in a new location.

In April of 1995, Elijah and a lifelong friend Kirkland Burke filed for a construction permit with the FCC for a 50,000 watt frequency 104.7 on the FM dial in Greenville, Mississippi under the partnership of the Mondy-Burke Broadcasting Network (now MBS Broadcasting Network). They were competing with six other entities for that frequency in Greenville. After a twelve year battle before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which eventually went before the United States Court of Appeals, Mondy-Burke prevailed. In September of 2002, Darren Smith joined the partnership. All three are equal partners of WJIW-FM 104.7 Greenville, Mississippi, and KCAT-AM 1340 (purchased by MBS in 2004) in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Elijah is the sole proprietor of KJIW-FM 94.5 in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.

Elijah enjoys spending time with his family, playing football with his sons, and eating his daughter’s banana pudding.

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